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Decree-Law 83/2022 of 23 September

First amendment to Decree-Law no. 34/2017, from september 27, Licensing of Economic Activities

SERVE,I.P. - 2023-09-20

Ministerial Diploma 31,32,33,34/2018

Organic Regulation of SERVE,I.P., Specimen of Certificates, Requirements of Business Registration and Emolument

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-11-08

Government decree 27/2017, 12th July

External Audit

Fiscal council to regulate anual return and its audit procedures

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-10-28

Government decree 28/2017, 12th July

Company act template

Company act templates for Sole Proprietorship Limited, Limited Liability Companies, Joint Stock Company, State Owned Enterprise.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-10-28

Law 10/2017 of May 17th, 2017

Company Law

This law is to regulate commercial societies, as sole proprietorship, sole proprietorship company, limited liability company, joint stock.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-08-01

Decree-Law 16/2017 of May 17th, 2017

Business registration law and its procedures

To regulate and apply procedures on how register a business.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-08-01

Decree Law 7/2017 of March 22nd, 2017

SERVE,I.P. as public institute

Aimed to debureaucratize the commercial register and facilitate the business license of economic activities, through the elimination of unnecessary and bureaucratic procedures.

SERVE,I.P. - 2020-10-26

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