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Ministerial Diploma no. 33/2023 of June 28

Prior Declaration to Start the Economic Activities, available in tree languages (Tetum, Portuguese and English)

Decree-Law No. 83/2022, of November 23, which amended Decree-Law No. 34/2017, of September 27, on the Licensing of Economic Activities

SERVE,I.P. - 2024-02-22

Decree-Law 83/2022 of 23 September

First amendment to Decree-Law no. 34/2017, from september 27, Licensing of Economic Activities

SERVE,I.P. - 2023-09-20

Ministerial Diploma 31,32,33,34/2018

Organic Regulation of SERVE,I.P., Specimen of Certificates, Requirements of Business Registration and Emolument

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-11-08

Government decree 27/2017, 12th July

External Audit

Fiscal council to regulate anual return and its audit procedures

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-10-28

Government decree 28/2017, 12th July

Company act template

Company act templates for Sole Proprietorship Limited, Limited Liability Companies, Joint Stock Company, State Owned Enterprise.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-10-28

Law 10/2017 of May 17th, 2017

Company Law

This law is to regulate commercial societies, as sole proprietorship, sole proprietorship company, limited liability company, joint stock.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-08-01

Decree-Law 16/2017 of May 17th, 2017

Business registration law and its procedures

To regulate and apply procedures on how register a business.

SERVE,I.P. - 2022-08-01

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