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Please refer to Tax Law n. 8/2008, 30 of June by visiting www.mof.gov.tl at Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste.

SERVE,I.P. can be contacted via:

  1. Phone (fixed line):  (+670) 3110116
  2. Mobile Phone: (+670) 78122222
  3. Email address: info@serve.gov.tl

The registration process may take 1 to 5 days and this is in accordance with the article 25.º – Deadline in the Decree-Law (DL) n. 16/2017, 17 of May – Business Registration and the registration process is free of charge.

The minimum share capital for the businesses or companies is US$ 1.00 and there is no maximum limit and for the Joint Stock Company the minimum value is US$ 50,000.00 and there is no maximum limit and the cost for the share is US$ 1.00 each, and while for Foreign Branch or Permanent Representative, the minimum share capital is US$ 5,000.00 and there is also no maximum limit. The share capital value is in accordance with New Law of the Company Act N. 10/2017, 17 of May.

Foreigners are allow to be member of board of the Director if she/he holds Working Visa or Permanent Residence Visa
If not, one of the member of the board of Director or Administration Council can be anyone with any citizen that holds Working Visa or Permanent Residence Visa.

There are 6 types and character of business and companies as follows:

  1. ENIN (Sole Trader/Sole Proprietorship – ST)
  2. UNIPESSOAL, LDA. (Single Shareholder with Limited Liability – SSLL)
  3. LDA. (Limiter Liability Partnership – LLP)
  4. S.A. – Sociedade Anônima (Joint Stock Company – JSC)
  5. R.P. – Representação Permanente (Foreign Branch or Permanent Representative – FB)
  6. E.P. – Empresa Pública (State Owned Enterprise – SOE)

Please refer to the business types section.

Yes, it is. Foreigners can own businesses and company up to 100% of shares, except petroleum and media communication that foreigners could own less than 100% of shares. Foreign business entity or it shareholders are allowed to own or subsidiary other business entity in Timor-Leste.


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