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Advertising Licensing of the Municipality of Dili

SERVE,I.P. Publicated on 19/01/2023

Dili, January 19th, 2023, Executive Director of SERVE,IP, Mr. Florêncio da Conceição Sanches, was present at the meeting of advertising licensing in the administration of the municipality of Dili. This meeting aims to further strengthen the advertising licensing service.

The secretary of the municipal authority of Dili, Mr. António Calau, spoke of the existing regulations and how the fees are being applied and how they can raise the fees as an income for the municipality of Dili.

The Executive Director of SERVE, I.P., Mr. Florêncio Sanches, stresses that advertising can be a good source of revenue for the state coffer. We will be able to regulate with two laws and two decree-laws. First, advertising needs to be regularized in the law of commercial companies number 10/2017. Second, advertising is like a commercial activity, so it is subject to the collection of tax fees regulated by law number 8/2011. If it is a commercial activity, it must be registered as mentioned in the commercial registry decree-law number 16/2017.

All of us gathered here put ideas on how advertising can be a source of revenue and create an investment policy to obtain income from it.

This meeting had the maximum participation of the market and tourism management director, Ms. Artur Henrique, national director of transport and land, commander of Dili operations, civil security and guests from relevant institutions.

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