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3rd Business inovative competition in the West region of Timor-Leste

SERVE,I.P. Publicated on 16/11/2022

November 16th, 2022, Executive Director of SERVE,IP, Mr. Florêncio Sanches, participates in the innovative business competition held for the third time in the west region of Timor-Leste. This event, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry, aims to promote economic diversification on the base. Participants in this event totaled 60 competitors and covers 3 municipalities such as Bobonaro, Liquiça and Ermera.

The Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Mr. Domingos Lopes Antunes, refuted the importance of this program to help encourage young Timorese to create creative initiatives to help the country’s economy. “This program is important and positive for us, we cannot depend only on the oil fund, but create income that will allow us to support our economy” – says the minister.

Through the Competition, the President of the Bobonaro Municipality Authority, the Administrator of three municipalities, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP, Sra. Muntuya Altangerel, IADE Representative, BNCTL Sucursal, Maliana Mr. Egidio F. Asis Tavares, Natr Rohan and Uma Du ut, Mr. Kiera Zen, Police and F-FDTL Commander, Chief Representative of CCI-TL, as well as 60 competitors, and all guests in 3 municipalities.

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