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Dissemination of the role of AIFAESA,I.P. and the laws that regulate economic activities in Timor-Leste

SERVE,I.P. Publicated on 13/10/2022

Viqueque, October 13, 2022, Representative of Executive Director SERVE,I.P., Mrs. Noemia Amaral, participates in the seminar of the dissemination of the role of AIFAESA, I.P. and the laws that regulate economic activities in Timor-Leste.

In this seminar, the representative and Supervisor for business registration of SERVE,I.P., Mrs. Noemia Amaral, spoke about the importance of commeciants following the legal procedures that SERVE,I.P. has and how to start a business in the referred municipality and throughout the Timorese territory.

Also participate in this seminar, the representative of the president of the municipal authority of Viqueque, Mr. José da Costa Soares, the representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry, the National Director of Commercial Regulation, Mr. Bertineti Lobo, local authorities, economic operators and also university students from the municipality of Viqueque.

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