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MRLAP/MCAE opens new space of SERVE,I.P. Díli and launch business registration in municipalities

SERVE,I.P. Publicated on 19/02/2019

On February 6, 2020  HE Minister of MRLAP and Acting Minister of MCAE, Dr. Fidelis Manuel Leite Magalhães with the Chief of Staff, Dr. André Leto and some Advisors from the office of MRLAP and MCAE do an official visit to SERVE, I.P. office with the purpose of launching the business registration via SIGTAS  system in the branches offices of SERVE, I.P. in three municipalities including Baucau, Bobonaro and the Region of RAEOA, Oé-Cusse, Ambeno. With the function of SIGTAS system, will allow and help the trader and the entrepreneurs from the three municipalities to do the business registration, to make any changes and renewals for the commercial documents and the authorization to conduct the business activities directly in the municipality. This is a way to facilitate the traders and entrepreneurs to reduce time and cost to realize their desire and objectives to register and to handle the commercial documents that are necessary and permissible or allowable based on the applicable administrative-legal requirements therefore, will able to permit or authorize them to perform their business and economic activities as they desire or prefer.


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