SERVE,IP participates on the inter-ministerial coordination meeting

May 3rd, 2018, SERVE, IP represented by Florêncio Sanches participates in inter-ministerial coordination meeting led by the Minister of Tourism in the meeting room of the Office of the Ministry of Tourism. The meeting was led by the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Manuel Vong, together with his deputy Dr. Rui Menezes, among participants as SERVE, IP, CAC, PCIC, Tradeinvest, IP, BNCTL, PNTL of Dili City, Public Defender and General Director of Tourism.
The theme spoken during this meeting was the new rules for games such as the popular lottery and slot machines that will be implemented by the tourism ministry through the inspector of games. These rules "oblige" that all companies that have the contract signed with the ministry of tourism through the recommendation of the gaming inspector and who already have their license issued by SERVE, IP, will have to change their bank account from Mandiri to BNCTL and the total amount of the investment. These new rules should be applied on May 8th, 2018.