SERVE,I.P. meeting up with Minister of Justice

SERVE, I.P. represented by Florêncio Sanches and Ana Jeánnie de Côrte-Real meeting up with Her Excellency Minister of Justice Dra. Maria  Ângela Guterres Viegas Carrascalão and the National Director for the Legal Advisory and Legislation, Dr. Nelinho Vital at the Cabinet of the Minister on the 5th of January 2018. Subjects discussed on the meeting including the Preparation to operate the branches of SERVE, I.P. at the RAEOA Oecusse/Ambeno, Municipalities of Bobonaro & Baucau and the needs of placement of the Conservators and the Public Notaries aiming at supporting the registration of the business and companies through the process of verification, and certification of the article of association (AoA) or the Companies Act. In addition, it was also discussed about the role and the support of the Ministry of Justice to SERVE, I.P. as one of the pillars in the creation and development of SERVE, I.P. institutionally.