SERVE One-Stop-Shop IS open for business

DILI, 3 June 2013— The opening of the SERVE (Serviços de Registo e Verificação Empresarial) One-Stop-Shop marks a milestone for the Government of Timor-Leste and its commitment towards making business start-up faster and easier.
“We believe Timor-Leste needs a vibrant and active private sector. This is a preliminary opening to allow business to register and renewal, said Vice Minister for Finance, Santina Cardoso, at the opening of SERVE on June 3rd, 2013, in Dili.
“It is very important all businesses – micro, small, medium and large – come to register at SERVE; only this way the Government will know what it needs to do to strengthen the private sector.”
Since 2008 the government, led by the Ministry of Justice with partnership of the International Finance Corporation, IFC, has made improvements to the system of business registration and commercial licensing by introducing faster, clearer, and simpler procedures.
Previously businesses were required to visit three different government ministries on average 17 times during the 94 days it took to took finalize their registration documentation.
With the SERVE One-Stop-Shop it will take only five days for a new business to complete the start-up process and be able to start commercial operations.
The establishment of the SERVE One-Stop-Shop means entrepreneurs can go to one central location and obtain their business registration, apply for a commercial license and get their Tax Identification Number (TIN).
“Since my appointment as SERVE CEO, my team and I have been working with IFC to ensure all the systems are operational and guarantee entrepreneurs coming to register their business enjoy the experience. SERVE is ready to support businesses,” said the new SERVE Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Florencio Sanches.
“As of tomorrow we will be registering new business here at this temporary SERVE site at Obrigado Barracks 2. SERVE will move to its permanent site in Colmera later this year.”
Timor-Leste is currently ranked 147 out of 185 countries in terms of starting a business according to the annual Doing Business 2013 Report. This is an improvement from the 2012 raking of 157 out 183 countries and is reflective of the government reforms to the business registration and licensing system in the country since 2011.
For further information and to download the checklist and business registration forms, entrepreneurs may visit or go to the SERVE One-Stop-Shop located at the former UN Obrigado Barracks 2, in Matadouro, Dili, Timor-Leste, or call SERVE at +670 3311315 or +670 78105530.