SERVE, IP establish branch in Oecuse, REAOA

Dili, 26th January 2018, SERVE, IP represented by Florêncio Sanches, Dr. Júlio Soares, Donázio da Costa Faria and Anacleto together with the substitute of the president of RAEOA, Dr. Arsénio Bano, accompanied by the Regional Secretary related financial affairs, Ms. Leonia Monteiro, Regional Secretary related to community tourism, Ms. Inacia Teixeira, Regional Secretary related to land and properties, Mr. Pedro Souza, Regional Secretary related to health, Ms. Luísa Taeki, the Procurement Unit, Public Works , Customs, Notaries, ICC Oecusse and Oecusse companies, officially inaugurated SERVE, IP branch in Oecusse in accordance with article 4 of Decree-Law no. 7/2017.
The existence of SERVE, IP in RAEOA aims to promote, support and facilitate entrepreneurs in the Oecusse region to carry out their economic activities.