Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers on May 10, 2018

Press release, the Government met up in the Government Palace in Dili and the Prime Minister, Marí Alkatiri, and the President of the East Timorese Episcopal Conference (CET), Bishop Dom Basilio do Nascimento, signed an agreement that defines the attribution by the Government to the CET, of an annual grant with a total value of fifteen million US dollars for the financial year 2018, for social activities, educational and ecclesial government activities. This agreement is the result of the Agreement signed on 16 June 2017, which established the rules of partnership for the annual grant agreements for the transfer of funds from the General State Budget to the Timorese Episcopal Conference, under the Agreement between the Holy See and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. The agreement now foresees that the first tranche worth US $ 5 million will be transferred as soon as June 1, 2018, and that the second tranche with the remainder of US $ 10 million will be transferred soon after entry in force of the General State Budget Law for 2018.
The Council of Ministers approved the proposal for a Government Decree submitted by the Minister of Planning and Finance, Rui Augusto Gomes, regarding the extra supplementary payment to officials of the Ministry of State Administration and the Ministry of Planning and Finance who worked during the election process, recognizing the professional dedication and exemplary fulfillment of their duties in the preparation of the 2018 early elections, which forced officials to increase the number of extra hours of unpaid work.
The Government approved the Council of Ministers resolution, presented by the Minister of Defense and Security, Agostinho Sequeira Somotxo, on the promotion of four Senior Officials of FALINTIL-Timor-Leste Defense Forces (F-FDTL) to General Officers, fulfilling the promotion requirements by distinction in F-FDTL's Military Statutes in force.
Finally, the Prime Minister, Marí Alkatiri, presented the proposal for a Government Resolution, approved by the Council of Ministers, which appoints Florêncio da Conceição Sanches as Executive Director of the Service of Registration and Business Verification, Public Institute (SERVE, I.P.). This institute is the only public service responsible for registering Commercial Companies and Individual Entities (ENIN), as well as for verifying their legal status, with competencies to assess the admissibility of firms, and to organize and manage the database of the commercial register. The new Executive Director shall be appointed for a consecutive period of three years and may be reappointed for an equal period. END